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Magellan RoadMate GPS System

The Magellan RoadMate GPS System provides its users with a feature-rich navigating experience. The device has a user-friendly UI and a high-resolution touchscreen. The Magellan RoadMate GPS System’s powerful and straightforward features provide consumers peace of mind while driving.

Magellan GPS Roadmate in North America

The Magellan GPS Roadmate in North America is designed to make navigation simple and easy. The device provides voice directions, allowing users to focus on driving. The device comes preloaded with maps of the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico, but its effectiveness is increased when it is updated with the latest maps. Contact us to check if you are eligible for a lifetime Magellan map update or a one-time map update. For travelers who often find themselves in unfamiliar areas, a GPS device is essential in providing directions to their destination. However, it’s important to remember that the reliability of a GPS device is dependent on the maps stored on it, so regular updates are necessary.
Magellan Roadmate Update

Update Magellan Roadmate with us

Stay updated with Magellan Roadmate GPS Stay on top of your travels with the latest maps and software updates for your Magellan Roadmate GPS device. Our team of GPS experts are available 24/7 to assist you with lifetime map updates, ensuring seamless navigation and a stress-free travel experience.
  • Lifetime map updates for the latest roads and points of interest
  • Real-time traffic warnings through built-in DAB radio link
  • Voice-operated navigation for hands-free use
  • The Device syncing for real-time information
  • 5-inch capacitive touchscreen with 800 x 480 resolution

Magellan Roadmate GPS Update

The Magellan SporTrak Map is a trustworthy GPS device for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore new territory. You can effortlessly navigate important roads, parks, and rivers thanks to its waterproof build and preloaded BaseMap of North America. The device has the memory to save up to 20 routes, 2,000 track points, and 500 waypoints, as well as download maps from other locations. Its ergonomic design, which includes a big display and a forward-facing keyboard, allows it to be used with one hand in any weather situation. With a battery life of up to 14 hours, you can go on long outdoor trips without worrying about the device dying.

Magellan Roadmate Software

The Magellan Roadmate GPS software is a reliable tool for navigating North America with precision and accuracy. Its pre-installed Basemap includes comprehensive information on parks, highways, streams, and bridges, while the WAAS feature offers 3-meter accuracy. With 7 navigation screens, the device allows users to save up to 20 routes and 500 waypoints, find the best fishing spots, and calculate game time. The BackTrack feature helps users return home with ease. This software is a great choice for anyone seeking reliable navigation and exploration tools.

Magellan SporTrak Map

If you love spending time outdoors, having the right gear is crucial. One essential piece of equipment is a reliable GPS device like the Magellan SporTrak Map. This durable and waterproof device is built to withstand any environment, and its WAAS-enabled technology ensures accurate navigation. With a pre-installed Basemap of North America, you’ll have access to crucial information like parks, highways, and waterways. Additionally, you can download maps of other regions thanks to the device’s ample memory. The SporTrak Map is user-friendly, with an ergonomic design and a large display screen. Plus, it has a long battery life of up to 14 hours with just two AA batteries. If you’re in the market for an affordable and dependable GPS device for your outdoor adventures, the Magellan SporTrak Map is an excellent choice.

Magellan Sportrak Map updates

Keep your Magellan Sportrak Map GPS device up-to-date with the latest map updates. Our updates include all changes to North American roads, parks, waterways, bridges, and more. With the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), this GPS device offers a precision of 3 meters. The Sportrak Map software includes 7 detailed navigation screens, the ability to store 20 routes and 500 waypoints, as well as the best fishing spots and game time calculators. Easily find your way home with the BackTrack feature. Keep your GPS device current and make your travels more efficient with our map updates.

Making Driving Experience Exciting Enjoyable


To keep your Magellan GPS device current, make sure it’s fully charged, then connect it to your computer with a USB cable. The device should turn on automatically, but if not, turn it on manually. A pop-up window will prompt you to check for available updates, including software and maps. Click to download and install all updates onto your GPS. 

Magellan GPS Roadmate in North America

Updating your Magellan Roadmate GPS in North America is easy with these simple steps:


Determine your GPS device’s model number to download the correct maps. Ensure your device is properly connected to your computer via a USB cable.


Allow your GPS device to automatically search for and install the necessary software. If you’re unsure which software to install, contact the Magellan support team for assistance.


Download the maps onto your computer and transfer them to your GPS device’s SD card via USB cable. If you require further help with updating your maps, contact the Magellan GPS experts for assistance.


Stay up-to-date with the latest map updates for your Magellan Roadmate GPS. The GPS rollover that occurred on April 6, 2019 may have affected your device. To ensure optimal performance, connect your Roadmate to your computer and check for updates now. Make sure you have the most recent maps for a seamless navigation experience. Don’t miss out on the latest updates for your Magellan Roadmate GPS.

Magellan Roadmate Navigator Roadmate Page

Experience seamless navigation with the Magellan Roadmate Navigator. This portable car GPS device offers a variety of viewing options including night view, 3D bird’s-eye view, and turn-by-turn prompts for safe and efficient driving. Equipped with the latest technology, the Roadmate provides an accuracy of 3 meters and comes with added features such as travel information and roadside assistance. Say goodbye to the stress of navigating unfamiliar places with the Magellan Roadmate Navigator.

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