Magellan Truck GPS


Magellan’s Truck GPS technology sets the standard for GPS navigation devices designed specifically for commercial trucking. These devices are user-friendly and adaptable, meaning they will only improve over time with regular map updates.”


The Magellan Truck GPS goes beyond simply providing efficient navigation for your truck. This device is designed to enhance your professional driving skills and prevent costly mistakes on the road. With the Magellan Truck GPS, you can steer clear of restricted roads and low-clearance bridges, while staying aware of your truck’s height and clearance. This helps you avoid unnecessary fines and ensures that you stay on the right path to your destination. Invest in the Magellan Truck GPS to improve your driving and take control of your route.
The Importance of Keeping Your Magellan Truck GPS Maps Up-to-Date for Reliable Navigation For accurate navigation, it is essential to keep your Magellan Truck GPS maps up-to-date. Although the device provides reliable information, errors can occur due to ongoing construction and development. By regularly updating your GPS maps, you can avoid potential road hazards, traffic delays, and other obstacles that could slow you down or cause you to take a wrong turn. Keep your Magellan Truck GPS device in top condition with regular map updates and navigate with confidence on every trip.
Railroad bridge information is particularly subject to change as they are often old and closed down frequently. These bridges are typically low and have been in place for a long time. While road and street updates are made, bridge height adjustments may not always be immediately reflected. To stay safe and avoid any costly mistakes, it is crucial to keep your GPS device updated.


If you experience any issues with updating your Magellan Truck GPS, our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians is here to help. Contact us via our toll-free number 805-507-1837 and we will assist you with updating your maps and troubleshooting any problems you may have. Let us take care of the technicalities while you focus on the road.
Updating Your Magellan Truck GPS in Three Easy Steps



Magellan GPS Device​

Magellan GPS Device

Disconnect your GPS device from the vehicle it is installed in and connect it to a web-enabled computer using the USB cable provided with the device. The device will then check for available updates.


Updates for Magellan Roadmate

USB cable Connection

View the list of available updates on your computer screen and select the updates you wish to install on your device. Make sure to only download updates that are compatible with your device’s model number. If you are unsure of your device’s model number, please contact us at 805-507-1837 for assistance.


Internet Connection​ GPS updates

Internet Connection

Wait for the download to complete, which typically takes a few minutes. After the download is finished, transfer the updates to the GPS device. Do not power off or unplug the device during the transfer process. Once the transfer is complete, re-install the device in your vehicle.

Making Driving Experience Exciting Enjoyable

Truck Map GPS

Truck-Specific GPS Navigation Truck GPS navigation is designed specifically for commercial truck drivers. The maps are optimized for large vehicles and take into account factors such as bridge clearances, weight restrictions, and road closures. This ensures that truck drivers are always directed on the most efficient and safe routes, saving time and fuel costs.
Magellan Truck GPS support Need assistance with your Magellan truck GPS device?  We offer support for all Magellan devices, including truck GPS units. We can also assist with purchasing new maps for your device. If you’re having trouble with your truck GPS, contact us via our helpline number, live chat, or email for assistance.

Magellan motorcycle GPS

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, but it’s important to have the right tools to navigate the roads safely. That’s where Magellan motorcycle GPS comes in. These GPS devices are specifically designed for motorcycles and feature routes tailored to the unique needs of bikers. Whether you’re looking for scenic routes or avoiding busy roads, Magellan motorcycle GPS will help you find the best path. Additionally, these GPS devices are built to withstand harsh conditions, such as exposure to the sun and fuel fumes, making them a reliable companion on any motorcycle adventure. So, if you’re planning a motorcycle trip, consider investing in a Magellan motorcycle GPS for added safety and enjoyment.

Magellan GPS for trucks

Magellan Truck GPS is a specialized GPS device designed for commercial vehicles, fleets, and fleet management. These GPS devices are optimized for truck use and can be synced with fleet management software for advanced fleet tracking capabilities. These business-grade GPS devices feature Eco cloud support, providing fleet managers with real-time, customized, location-based assistance that enhances driver safety and improves efficiency, saving money. The mobile data terminal feature improves two-way communication for delivery information.

Magellan GPS for trucks

Magellan Car GPS Navigation Systems Magellan’s RoadMate and Maestro series of car GPS navigation systems provide advanced and efficient routing options. These devices come loaded with features to enhance your driving experience by providing real-time traffic and weather updates when synced with your smartphone. At the time of purchase, our GPS devices come with the latest maps and software. However, as we know, maps become outdated over time, that’s why we release updates every quarter to ensure our customers have the most current information. Upgrade your driving experience with Magellan’s car GPS navigation systems.


Updating your car GPS is a straightforward process that can be done by following these simple steps:

Connect your GPS device to the computer/ WiFi

Connect your GPS device to your computer or secure WiFi connection.

Run Magellan Software

Run the Magellan Software to check for available updates for your device.

Get updates/ Purchase updates

Download and install the updates, and purchase any necessary new maps or services.

Disconnect your GPS device

Disconnect your device from the computer and reinstall it in your vehicle.


The Magellan truck GPS is specifically designed to provide precise navigation for commercial vehicles and fleets. When combined with fleet management software, these GPS devices offer advanced fleet tracking capabilities and real-time, customized location-based assistance to enhance driver safety and increase efficiency. Our team of GPS experts is dedicated to helping users keep their devices up-to-date and operating smoothly, providing assistance with updates and troubleshooting as needed. By ensuring access to the latest maps and services, we help our customers navigate with confidence and efficiency.

Making Driving Experience Exciting Enjoyable

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