Magellan SporTrak Map

Magellan SporTrak Map

Searching for a low-cost, waterproof GPS gadget for climbing? Check the Magellan SporTrak Map. This GPS device has the North America BaseMap and is WAAS-enabled. It has an internal capacity of 6 MB and can store 20 roads, 2,000 track points, and 500 waypoints. In addition, the device is incredibly sturdy, ergonomic, and waterproof, making it an excellent choice for any climber. It’s simple to use because to the large screen and forward-facing keypad, and it can operate for up to 14 hours on two AA batteries. As a result, if you’re looking for a GPS device that’s effective, trustworthy, and reasonably priced, the Magellan SporTrak Map should be your first choice.

Magellan Sportrak Map updates

The Magellan Sportrak Map is a detailed map of North America that has been updated using the most current Essential and useful updates. This GPS device has a 3-meter precision and is improved with the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). The SporTrak Map application has seven navigational displays and the option to record up to 20 routes and 500 waypoints. It also features the best fishing spots and a timer. With a single press on the BackTrack function, you can easily find your way home. It is a device that can be used by both outdoor enthusiasts and visitors who want to arrive soon and safely at their destination.

Magellan Sportrak Map USB cable

The Magellan Sportrak Map USB Link is an essential part of updating the device with the latest software and maps. Connecting the device to a computer with the link allows the EasyGPS software to be run, which downloads waypoints to be uploaded to the GPS device. However, this process can sometimes be hampered by an error that reads “getting data from an unknown source” when using an older computer.

In this situation, a PCMCIA serial card is the best solution as it can provide a direct access to the serial port without any interference. Alternatively, a USB to serial adapter can also be used, which serves the same purpose of allowing the connection between the device and the computer without any loss of data. With either of these solutions, it should be possible to Magellan Sportrak Update Map without any further issues.

Magellan Sportrak Color software download

If you’re looking to download and utilize Magellan Sportrak Color software, EasyGPS is the way to go. This program is great for downloading Geocaching GPX and LOC files, calculating the size of courses and tracks, and mapping pathways and waypoints after each excursion. It’s important to regularly backup and update your GPS data for security purposes.

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Magellan Sportrak Update

Magellan SporTrak Topo

The Magellan SporTrak Topo is an incredibly lightweight and easy-to-use GPS device designed for outdoor activities. It comes with the largest built-in map collection of any GPS device, with a whopping 100 MB of in-built topo maps and 8 MB of BaseMap.
This device offers an array of features that make it an ideal companion for outdoor adventurers. It supports elevation-related queries, such as heights and vertical profiles, and also offers an additional 16 MB of flash memory to which users can download extra cartographic software. Additionally, the Magellan SporTrak Topo is resistant to water, dust and dirt, making it a reliable and practical choice for those frequently out in the open.


  • The WAAS-enabled device has 16 MB of built-in memory
  • 8 MB is reserved for internal map storage.
  • It features a large high-contrast screen, as well as rugged design and waterproof capabilities.
Magellan SporTrak Pro Marine‚Äč

Magellan SporTrak Pro Marine

The Magellan SporTrak Pro Marine is a 2.2*1.33 inch waterproof marine kit. There is support for a 12-channel GPS collector for outdoor and navigation purposes. This is an accurate widget within 3 meters.
It is accompanied by an embedded 15 MB North American planning database. This includes major roads, rivers, toll roads, and more. Likewise, you get an additional 17 MB of memory for downloading additional manuals.
This GPS gadget can store 500 waypoints, 2000 track focuses and 20 consecutive paths. You can also get tide data, fishing spots and games with this GPS gadget.


  • Compact, rugged device that floats
  • Support for 12 channel GPS receiver
  • High accuracy of 3 meters
  • Huge database of main roads, waterways, streets and more.
  • Information on tides, fishing spots, wildlife areas
Magellan SporTrak Pro Marine‚Äč

Magellan SporTrak Pro Software

Looking for a feature-packed and highly sensitive GPS device? Consider the Magellan Explorist 710. With turn-by-turn navigation, a compass, altimeter, and track routing, this device has everything you need to plan and execute your outdoor adventures. It even comes with the City Series Europe for easy itinerary planning. You can create waypoints, focus on a path, record tracks, and download over 10,000 geocaching papers. The built-in camera and sound recorder help you keep a complete record of your experiences, and you can easily share them with others through social networks. Whether you’re using it for adventure or reference, the Magellan Explorist 710 is a reliable and versatile GPS device.

A step-by-step process for updating Basemap :

  • Launch EasyGPS and save your waypoints and routes.
  • Turn the device off.
  • Connect your device to the USB port.
  • Hold down the NAV and PWR keys.
  • Choose the Basemap Upload option.
  • To upload the file, click Upload.

Looking for an affordable GPS device for your next outdoor adventure? The Magellan SporTrak Map might be just what you need. This waterproof hiking GPS device comes preloaded with BaseMap of North America and includes a manual for large streams, parks, and throughways, all in a compact 2 MB size. Additionally, it features 6 MB of internal memory for downloading guidance from various locations, along with the ability to save 20 roads, 2,000 track-focuses, and 500 waypoints.

The Magellan SporTrak Map is user-friendly, ergonomic, and water-resistant, making it perfect for single-hand use in any situation. The device’s display boasts a large presentation and forward-searching keypad, making it easy to navigate. Plus, it runs on just 2 AA batteries, which can power the device for up to 14 hours. Don’t let a limited budget keep you from exploring the great outdoors – invest in the Magellan SporTrak Map and enjoy its many features and benefits.

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