Explore the Features of Magellan TRX5 and TRX7

Magellan GPS, the renowned leader in on-road and off-road car navigation, has introduced two new compact navigation devices that incorporate the same advanced technology and preloaded path and map data as the TRX line of products. These non-ruggedized devices follow the tremendous success of the TRX7 and TRX7 CS, offering precise navigation for both on-road and off-road terrains. This latest addition from Magellan GPS is designed to enhance your navigation experience and ensure that you never lose your way while exploring new territories.

The Magellan TR5 and TR7 Automotive GPS Navigators are the ultimate navigation solution for off-road enthusiasts. These devices offer Magellan’s user-friendly TRX software, 2D and 3D terrain view maps, trails, landmarks, and WiFi connectivity to Magellan’s cloud-connected map site, TRXTrailhead.com. Designed for enclosed off-road vehicles with protected interiors, these new non-ruggedized devices provide the same advanced features as the TRX line of products. With the Magellan TR5 and TR7, you can easily explore new territories and never lose your way. Upgrade your off-road navigation experience with these top-notch devices from Magellan GPS.

Magellan TRX5 and TRX7 Navigation Devices

The TR5 and TR7 are two impressive GPS devices designed for outdoor enthusiasts. The TR5 features a 5-inch HD touch screen while the TR7 boasts a wider, 7-inch HD touch screen, both of which offer exceptional clarity even in bright sunlight and low-light conditions. Additionally, their sleek and slim design is perfect for smaller interior spaces. Both devices come with a secure pull cup mount that can be easily attached to a windshield, allowing for effortless viewing and interaction during off-road adventures. These GPS devices are ideal for those looking for top-notch performance and user-friendly features for their outdoor activities.

The TR5 and TR7 GPS devices are a must-have for off-road fans due to their sleek look and durable capabilities. They incorporate powerful TRX software and a library of over 120,000 pre-loaded and certified trails, the largest ever assembled in the United States. Furthermore, they include a pre-loaded U.S. and Canada base map with high-resolution topography and street information, as well as over 6.6 million places of interest. With these cutting-edge features, the TR5 and TR7 are guaranteed to stand out in the off-road world, offering trail-tested performance as well as street-approved practicality.

Because of the company’s precision steering technology, Magellan’s TR5 and TR7 GPS devices provide precise, spoken turn-by-turn directions for both on-road and off-road routes.The devices also include a handy BackTrack feature that allows drivers to securely return to the beginning of their travels with a single click. Users may also store waypoints, completed routes, and personal tracks to TRXTrailhead.com to share with others, without requiring a data connection to access map, trail, and POI data on the path. With lifetime free map and software upgrades, these GPS devices are ideal for beginning off-road drivers who want more options in terms of pricing and screen size. Those interested in ordering can do so now at MagellanGPS.com, with units expected to arrive on October 16.

According to Stig Pedersen, Magellan’s Vice President of Off Highway Vehicle and Product Development, the TRX GPS navigation system was created with the goal of providing the ultimate portable solution for off-road enthusiasts. With the largest safe trail database ever assembled in the US, these devices offer everything a wilderness explorer needs to experience freedom and safety right out of the box. The TRX has quickly become the go-to navigation device for serious trailheads, and now with the TR5 and TR7, Magellan is providing solutions that are ideal for weekend adventurers seeking a well-priced, well-equipped GPS device that can guide them into the hills and back again.

Magellan’s TR5 and TR7 GPS Navigators, which have a windscreen mount, are now available for pre-order on Magellan’s web shop, with shipment beginning on October 16. They will also be available shortly at other online shops and physical places around the country. The TR5 has a suggested retail price of $299.99, while the TR7 has a $399.99 price tag. The TRX7 and TRX7 CS are also available on Magellan’s web site, as well as various other online and off-road retail locations around the country. These devices make dependable and precise navigation available to all sorts of drivers.